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Approaching Excellence, Every Conversation. Is there such a thing as destiny? Is your future pre-ordained? Is it possible to be born a high-achiever, guaranteed to succeed? In this podcast, 14 x World Champion Cyclist, Neil Fachie MBE and presenter John Mellis ask high achievers exactly that and about their best habits and behaviours in an effort to build a tool box allowing everyone the chance to prosper at an elite level.

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Our Podcast

Let’s deal with what our two hosts have in common with each other, because that will make for the shortest paragraph. Neil Fachie MBE and John Mellis are both male, breathe oxygen and have spent around 25 years of each of their lives in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland, and because of that also both support Aberdeen FC. They’re both equally fascinated by the workings of the human mind.

But Who Are They?

Neil Fachie MBE

Nei is a 14 x World Champion Cyclist | #1 Bestselling Author of Earn Your Stripes | World Class Performance Business Coach | Available for Public Speaking Engagements

John Mellis

John is an award-winning radio presenter and podcaster | Match Day Stadium Announcer for Aberdeen FC | Occasionally writes for the Aberdeen FC Red MatchDay Magazine | Plays Badminton to a decent level | Just trying and failing to not appear too useless alongside the Paralympian

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Zareen Ahmed On Her Daughter Halimah


What Our Guests Say

I have a personal mission to develop entrepreneurs that solve the world’s most meaningful problems. That’s what I love doing. That’s the game I like to play.

Daniel Priestley

I knew a sketch in Naked Video would be funny when Andy was in it. I knew a scene in City Lights would be great when Chancer was in it. Little did I know how good my life would be because Andy Gray was in it.

Grant Stott

Previous Guests

The Toolbox Of Talent

Daniel Priestley

Daniel Priestley is a hugely successful entrepreneur, best selling author and international speaker. If you’re in or into business, you know him, but you probably don’t know why he does what he does.

Daniel Priestley on his Toolbox For Success

Grant Stott

Grant Stott is a presenter on radio and television, a panto star and actor, which, is actually what he wanted to be all along. He’s also surpassed his own expectations by creating a song, performed almost exclusively in Fife every Hogmanay.

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