Fachies 2 – Rest Of The World 0

They call it the BIRG Effect. Basking In Reflected Glory.

And I’ll be honest, it feels amazing, so God alone knows what it’s like to be Neil and Lora Fachie this morning.

I’ve been hugely privileged the last few months to be given a behind the scenes insight to these Paralympians in training.

I don’t know if Neil chose to co host a podcast with me to take his mind off training a little bit when he had downtime or whether he was genuinely super passionate about this project in the same way I was. I know he was keen to promote the other side of his life as a business coach, and I know his purpose.

Whatever the reason, I’m hugely thankful he did, and we’ve worked around his training schedule to put together The 1% Club Podcast, where we’ve met an array of High Achievers from all walks of life, asked them how they did it, and whether they believe it was all down to them, or maybe a slice of luck, fate, destiny – call it what you will.

In all but one of the shows, Neil co hosted with me, but in the first, being a high achiever himself, we put Neil in the hot seat and chatted to him. How prophetic was this?

At the end of the series, the pair of us interviewed Neil’s wife Lora, and you’ll hear that episode in the coming weeks.

“Is it difficult”, I wondered, “being as competitive as you are, living together? Is there an undercurrent of competitiveness running through your home?”

Well, if that really is the case, the events of today have just made that even more complex and difficult to manage.

By now, you’ve probably wakened to this news.

And this news.

Gold for Neil Fachie, AND a new World Record, slicing more than a second of his previous best to clock 58.038 seconds.

Gold for Lora Fachie, AND a new World Record in the qualifying process.

I couldn’t be prouder, because I’ve got to know them a little bit, and on top of everything else they come across as a lovely pair of people.

Confident not cocky.

Passionate not precious.

Insanely driven, yet managing to not drive each other insane!

I hope you choose to listen to their podcasts and learn more.

Neil’s is out now, (look below), Lora’s will be in a few weeks, and you can also watch clips from the pair of them and our other guests on our YouTube Channel.

Here’s the nub: Their stories only become more powerful when you learn about the failures and setbacks they’ve had, and how they fought back from them to reach the events of today.

That’s where true motivation and inspirations lies.

Enjoy all of it Fachies. You’ve earned every second.

Published by John Mellis

I've been on the radio for almost 30 years (not continuously!) and am a media bloke entrenched in one of the loveliest parts of the world. I present radio shows for Global on Smooth Radio, run an audio media company - Mellis Media - and I also work for Aberdeen Football Club and write for a number of local media outlets. But that's work. My life and passions revolve around my wife, Lynne, and our kids, Joshua and Gracie. I’m a dog father to Ernie.

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