The 1% Club Podcast – Episode 6 – Lora Fachie – Out Now

When we launched The 1% Club Podcast, the week the Paralympics opened, all throughout that Summer of recording we’d had to fit in episodes around other work commitments on my part, and training to win yet another Gold Medal, on Neil’s.

There was always small talk before we’d start and after we’d finish an episode, immediately prior to our guest joining us or signing off from the recording session, and although never discussed aloud, there was definitely an air of tension, not between us (!), but simply because the date loomed large in the calendar.

When you think about it, it’s an absolutely massive undertaking, to devote your life – it’s never just 4 years – training for one shot at something which has any number of permutations for where it can go wrong. That brings a lot of pressure. But what was the saying Neil tweeted his own wife just the other day?

Oh yeah.

I’ve come to realise that despite it being something else to take on in the run up to the Paralympics with all that pressure already in the mix, the podcast for Neil was a bit of escapism from work, as well as a new string to his bow.

And the chance to chat with us, may have proven the same thing for Lora.

Certainly it was a lot of fun for me, pulling the strings interviewing a married couple only a man secure in the knowledge of his location 8 floors up in a barriered building a few hundred miles away would risk.

As I’ve mentioned before there’s more than a hint of a Mr and Mrs flavour to parts of this episode, but in saying that, I don’t want to detract from the power of Lora’s back story, something she dismisses casually in much the same way her husband does with his.

But when it comes to singing her praises, it’s a different story. I couldn’t sum up better what this episode contains.

And finally, given that we’re dealing with two world-record holding Paralympians who LIVE together, is there ever an underlying competitive edge to items as small as tasks around the house, even?

Isn’t it strange how you knew the answer before the question was even out!

Enjoy the show as Neil and I interview Lora Fachie in Episode 6 of The 1% Club Podcast, out now.

Published by John Mellis

I've been on the radio for almost 30 years (not continuously!) and am a media bloke entrenched in one of the loveliest parts of the world. I present radio shows for Global on Smooth Radio, run an audio media company - Mellis Media - and I also work for Aberdeen Football Club and write for a number of local media outlets. But that's work. My life and passions revolve around my wife, Lynne, and our kids, Joshua and Gracie. I’m a dog father to Ernie.

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