Episode 7 – The Results – Out Now

Well, that’s a wrap, as they say.

Technically, I don’t know who ‘they’ are, or whether they do ever say it, but you get the gist.

Season 1 of The 1% Club Podcast is almost at an end.

When it started, we were tentatively hoping, but not daring say aloud that on the other side of recording would be Gold Medal winning Paralympians grinning from ear to ear.

Thankfully, that came to pass with both Neil and Lora Fachie not only securing their Gold medals but also breaking World Records in the process.

I’m still not entirely sure whether it’s sunk in for the pair of them yet!

And amongst all the preparations for that, Neil and I devised and recorded this podcast following our discovery of a shared interest in the make up of High Achievers – those who consistently perform at the top of their game to become the elite in their chosen profession.

What was it about them that made them special, allowed them to be successful?

Was it just hard work or did fate play a role?

We decided to investigate, and so The 1% Club Podcast was born.

A season of shows, interviewing high achieving individuals from all walks of life about their journey to success and beyond.

This is the episode where we look back over the discussions with our initial inductees and review our findings.

You’ll hear from Neil, Dame Evelyn Glennie, Grant Stott, Daniel Priestley, Zareen Ahmed and Lora Fachie one more time, and on this occasion, as we go, we’ll try to compile the contents of that ultimate Toolbox For Success – the traits, characteristics, behaviour and practices common to them all – the things which have shaped them into the people they’ve become.

Maybe, just maybe if we try to adopt those elements in our own lives we could become the elite in our worlds too?

Oh, and we’ll keep score of what our guests thought of their own journeys, and whether luck had played a role in them reaching their lofty positions.

Who’s going to win? Can Neil even stand to lose?

Find out in Episode 7, out now.

Published by John Mellis

I've been on the radio for almost 30 years (not continuously!) and am a media bloke entrenched in one of the loveliest parts of the world. I present radio shows for Global on Smooth Radio, run an audio media company - Mellis Media - and I also work for Aberdeen Football Club and write for a number of local media outlets. But that's work. My life and passions revolve around my wife, Lynne, and our kids, Joshua and Gracie. I’m a dog father to Ernie.

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